Solution Media Group is a response-based marketing company specializing in helping businesses reach their customers through a multichannel approach. Utilizing pay-per-click advertising, radio, television, email, print and article marketing.

Media Production

We produce videos for:

  - Websites
  - Internet Marketing
  - TV & Radio Commercials

Web Design

We create web pages that are:

  - Functional & User Friendly
  - Mobile-ready
  - Designed from a marketing stand-point
  - Search Engine Optimized for the biggest search engines today
     (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

Response-Based Marketing

We help businesses advertise by:

  - Helping businesses find their target markets
  - Finding exactly what these markets want and need.
  - Utilizing multiple marketing channels (email, video production, press
     releases, TV/Radio, and more)

Business Information

111 S. 7th Street Suite B
Mayfield, KY 42066


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