Measure Consumer Perspectives
10200 Forest Green Blvd.#112
Louisville KY 40223

Measure Consumer Perspectives, or Measure, provides feedback to corporations who want to understand what their customers observe, think and feel about their products and services.

We provide this feedback through a variety of channels. As a mystery shopping company, we provide feedback through the trained eyes of our mystery shoppers. As a consumer feedback company, feedback can be provided through the unrestricted eye of your customers through a variety of mechanisms, including surveys and IVR.

We build relationships that allow our clients to access us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Online, and on home and cell lines. We are a not just a mystery shopping company. We are a partner that understands that in this fast-paced society, real time questions need real time answers and out-of-the-box strategic thinking.

Our programs are customized, and are based on our client’s individual needs. We pore through strategic agendas across multiple internal channels: HR, Operations, Marketing, Training. We then create the tools that succinctly and clearly measure ground floor protocol, process, and perceptions.

Because all of our survey tools are stored in the same database, our clients have all of their information in one central location. Our reporting features allow clients to continually identify trends, ranks, and behavior. Measure’s clients have access to one of the most robust and secure shopper databases in the world.

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    10200 Forest Green Blvd.#112
    Louisville KY 40223
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