Grossman Tuning, LLC has grown through the eras of technology as one of the premier automotive service and performance shops in Kentucky. The goal of the business has not changed since the company’s inception in 1996; to do honest work with quality parts at a competitive price. The owner, John Grossman, has deep ties to the foundation of the local racing scene and continues to leave his mark. The shop has evolved from a 2-bay, 2,000 square-feet gas-station style shop to a 10-bay, 11,000 square-feet facility; specializing in import service and performance. With its roots running deep in the racing scene, Grossman Tuning has become one of the most prominent Volkswagen/Audi performance shops in Kentucky and Indiana. Contact us for information on our exclusive distributions of brands including Revo Technik, United Motorsport, Adaptec Speedware, Eurotrash, Garrett Turbo, and many more! . You can depend on the honest, hardworking, and knowledgeable staff at Grossman Tuning. Whether it be for a turbo install or an air-conditioning service, the shop has ASE certified mechanics on staff with state-of-the-art equipment ready to diagnose and repair any car, truck, or motorcycle.

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830 South First Street
Louisville, KY 40203


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