The mission of The Brown Law Office is to bridge the gap between divorce document preparation services and costly hourly attorney’s fees. In order to accomplish this, we have focused our firm’s practice area to divorce.  With such pin point focus, we achieve better service and better results while keeping our clients’ money in their pocket where it belongs. Divorce is not the best candidate for do-it-yourself alternatives. Representation by an experienced attorney should be something that is more affordable.

The Brown Law Office represents a diverse group of clients. We work with small families to large families and young couples to older couples. We are located in Louisville, Kentucky, and we serve all of Kentucky. Our top priority is client satisfaction, and we work very hard to ensure that each client receives the service that he or she deserves. This is so important to us that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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239 S. Fifth St., Suite#600
Louisville, KY 40202


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