Avery Scott ATMs
2525 Nelson Miller Parkway, Suite 205
Louisville KY 40223

Avery Scott, LLC is a full-service automated teller machine (ATM) company. We sell, lease, install, process, service and maintain ATMs.  Our primary goal is to help our customers improve cash flow and profitability.  ATMs have helped us succeed in this endeavor.

ATMs have become ubiquitous, an accepted part of the consumer retail landscape that helps facilitate commerce.  ATMs can help businesses generate increased revenues through surcharge fee income and providing improved liquidity to customers.

There are approximately 500,000 ATMs in the United States.  Consumers have become increasingly reliant on ATMs to perform banking transactions and to serve as a catalyst to facilitate retail purchases.  ATMs are now a integral part of the American economy.

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(502) 254-9543
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2525 Nelson Miller Parkway, Suite 205
Louisville KY 40223
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