AMS Temporaries, Inc.
519 Barret Avenue
Louisville KY 40204

When an employee is absent from work due to illness or vacation, you need someone who can come in and work without delay or interruption of your business operation flow. You need HELP!

Professional temporary help is just a phone call away. AMS Temporaries, Inc. can provide for your short term human resource needs. We sponsor a wide variety of qualified people with credentials to insure their performance. Our staff matches your needs and specified qualifications to experience of our professional personnel.

Using experienced AMS Temporaries during times of market change or seasonal employment can save time and money. AMS handles the expensive and time –consuming task of recruiting and interviewing, verifying references and licenses, as well as paying employer payroll taxes.

AMS also insures all temporaries against individual and corporate malpractice, general liability and worker's compensation.

AMS requires temporaries to meet the following requirements:

human resources, staffing company, licensed nursing personnel
  • Present a neat, professional appearance
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have no criminal record
  • Have at least one year of full-time past experience
  • Have good references from last employer

In addition, nursing personnel must be:

  • Licensed
  • CPR certified
  • Meet JCAHO standards

When you need help, remember that AMS Temporaries offers a wide variety of services through our highly qualified professionals. Help is just a phone call away. 502-581-1725 or 800-866-1725

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(502) 581-1725
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(502) 561-0636
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519 Barret Avenue
Louisville KY 40204
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